Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Double Fruit Joy!

Fruits have character, dontcha think?

Colors evoke universal images and emotions...
Red = Passion, Courage
Orange = Energy, Appetite
Yellow = Happiness, Sunshine
Green = Fertility, Abundance
Blue = Loyalty, Peace
Purple = Spirituality, Nobility

And just like colors, fruits suggest "flavor experiences"...
Apples = happy cheerful crunchy goodness
Watermelon = sticky sweet and sometimes spiked  ;)
Strawberries = become royalty in the fruit family when enrobed in chocolate
Bananas = comfort fruit, especially when baked into deliciously aromatic nutty bread
Blueberries = nutrient-power-packed gems of the universe that will magically make you invincible!

At least that's what I get when I hear their names.
Maybe it's a fruity synesthesia sorta thing.  ;)

When I hear mangoes and peaches I think rich sunny succulent juicy flavors that pair up so well together! Love that combo!
And both fruits are on sale now at Outpost Natural Foods and Sendik's Food Market, so let's make these characters mingle...

from Kumiko at Serious Eats
from CommunityTable
from Stephanie at Recipe Renovator

from Stephanie at Jewish Food Experience

from Brittany at Garden of Vegan

from Madde Goes Vegan

from Genki Kitty

What are your fave fruity combos?

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