Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy National Cashew Day!

Blogger of the Day: Shira at In Pursuit of More

Shira believes that through simple soulful saving you can live with less and give more...she even started a nonprofit called Not So Fast to teach everyone how to help! She also organizes community foodsharing programs, leads cooking classes and quietly inspires everyone she meets to make the world a better healthier happier place.  :)

And she makes a crazyawesome cashew loaf! This nutty chunker is fabulicious sliced and sandwiched or serve it sauced for a potluck or family feast! The cheezy sauce is fast and easy, or go for the roasted recipe that follows for a smokier good on sliders and fries! And enjoy a few more of her yumful uses for cashews...  :)

plus a couple other nutty treats!

If someone gave you a cartload of cashews, what would you make first?  ;)

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Gingerbread Day!

Blogger of the Day: Rachel at Figgy Bakery

Rachel heads up Figgy Bakery, based in SoCal but delivering delicious desserts across the US! They specialize in organic treats using natural sustainable ingredients...any can be made vegan or allergenfree. They bake, cater, take custom orders and create stunningly yumful dessert tables for festive events...I am so craving those cupcakes!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, today I can say I'm grateful for the wondrous benefits of ginger...perfect excuse to make this sweetly spicy soulwarming ginnycake!  :)

For Rachel's nonvegan recipes, just sub in molasses, maple or agave syrup for honey, vegan milk for milk, etc. where needed. She recommends using mashed bananas as a vegan sub for Greek yogurt to replace its especially thick consistency (1 large banana = 1/2 cup Greek yogurt). Photo credits: Rachel/Figgy Bakery or Paige Jones Photography (formerly Paige Lowe Photography)  :)

How are you spicing up your weekend?  ;)

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Happy Peanut Butter Fudge Day!

Blogger of the Day: Chef AJ at Chef AJ Unprocessed
Pubs: Unprocessed: How to Achieve Vibrant Health and Your Ideal Weight

Chef AJ cooks professionally, teaches classes and demos recipes at special events so all the world can see how yumful veganism can be! She and Juliana Hever host a superfab video series called The Chef & The Dietitian...check out the episodes at Chef AJ's site or on youtube but first whip up a beautiful bucketful of nutcovered fudge!  :)

These truffles are ridiculously kidsimple! Make the date paste...use it to make the fundue...scoop and your truffles in the fridge or share with truffleloving friends!  :)

Chef AJ kindly shares her Holiday Menu with The Chef & The Dietitian featuring holiday recipes for Hearty Lentil Loaf, Twice Baked Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, I Can't Believe It's Not Tuna Pate, Spinach Waldorf, Reduced Fat Hail to the Kale Dressing, Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts, Almost Instant Pumpkin Pudding and Holiday Nog!

What's your favorite fudge flavor?  :)

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Stroganoff Day!

Blogger of the Day: Bex at Vegan Sparkles
Freebie ebooks including Dessert Superfood Smoothies
Eating for Energy

Bex is a shot of sunshine if you're snoozin' through life! Stop by her site for inspiring health and lifestyle advice, some sassy soulful sobriety and colorfully easy vegan recipes too!

A rich hearty serving of stroganoff makes any soul sing! Ladle it liberally on a bowlful of pasta or a mountain of rice, or scoop it straight out of the pot with a wedge of bread for the ultimate comfort indulgence!  :)

How do you serve your stroganoff?  :)

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Go hug one of these sweet gentle swimmers!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy National Vichyssoise Day!

Blogger of the Day: Aimee at The French Vegan and The Sexy Vegan Kitchen
Pubs: The Sexy Vegan Kitchen: Culinary Adventures In Love & Sex

Vichyssoise served hot will warm you nose to toes on the most frozenbonechilling day! Aimee's recipe for this thick, puréed potato & herb soup is fast and easy and especially yumful shared in a big chunky bread bowl...yumza!  :)

Aimee is a lifelong student of yoga and naturopathy and earned her BA in French Language and Lit...she's studied the creative and healing arts in Hawaii, Paris, Seville and outside Rome. She encourages people to be passionate in all things including a healthy indulgence in soulreviving foods. And cake...there must always be chocolate cake. Bon Appetit!

Enjoy more recipes from Aimee's second site The Sexy Vegan Kitchen

What's your go-to soup in superfreeze weather? Do you believe in the power of aphrodisiacs? Which foods would you suggest to spice up a sex life?  ;)

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