Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy National Lasagna Day!

Blogger of the Day: Janet at the taste space
Pubs: A Vegan Dinner Party

I clearly remember the first day I rode a bike. My dad had been teaching me for weeks, but I kept wobbling like a drunken clown on a greased tightrope. Then one summer evening came along that sent our family backyard party scurrying inside because of a sudden downpour. The food was hauled in, the kids descended to the basement for ping pong and monopoly, and the adults stirred cocktails and gossiped and noshed on leftovers. I wandered out to the garage, empty at the time, and decided to practice riding my bike solo. Back and forth, round and round, I wobbledstopped, wobbledstopped, wobbledstopped until one supercalifragilistic moment when I rode across the whole garage. Which I admit isn't exactly the Tour de France...but give me credit for persistence and determination.  ;)

My little golden flyer bike got some serious mileage that summer but nothing like what Janet's bike must get every day. In addition to creating some of the most delicious vegan dishes on the planet, she cycles some serious terrain including the grueling Shiner GASP and the challenging Rideau route with her dad. She definitely glides a happy groove when it comes bikes, balls and all sorts of yum, which brings us to today's food holiday...

Mention lasagna and people get weakkneed and dizzydrooly within seconds! While a bigfatslab of cheezeheavy layers can spin me superhungry, summer calls for a lighter slice. Janet makes it happen with easy zucchini and crazygood cauliflower cheeze. Time to stack it up!  :)

Name your favorite lasagna...how do you like to layer it? Do you remember the first time you rode a bike? Do you still go riding? Describe your favorite ride. :)

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy National Milk Chocolate Day!

Blogger of the Day: Alisa at Go Dairy Free
Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance, and Casein-Free Living
Go Dairy Free: The Best-Selling Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance, and Casein-Free Living
2012 No Dairy Product List for Multiple Food Concerns
2012 No Dairy Product List for Multiple Food Concerns – Just the Subs

Alisa's spectacular site discusses everything about dairyfree living so while you will see references to nonvegan foods, you will also find a treasure trove of vegan resources including How to Substitute Milk and other Milk Products, hundreds of product and restaurant reviews and recommendations, a helpful Guide to Vegan Living and my favorite...The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Burgers!  ;)

Alisa's Mylk Chocolate Frosting is a huge hit in my family...my little dairyfree nephew first had it on his 3rd birthday and he's been loving it ever since! You can eat this ambrosia on just about anything or straight out of the bowl. Why mess with a cake in this heat? A bowl of frosting and some strawberries or bananas (or just a spoon!) will smile up your day!  :)

Go Dairy Free features a tremendous collection of recipes by Alisa and many guest recipe creators, all dairyfree...those that aren't strictly vegan often include vegan options. There is so much creative culinary talent here so definitely check it out if you need inspiration!  :)

If you just need some quickfix milk chocolate, grab a vegan bar of deliciousness!
Snap! Crisped Rice Milk Chocolate Bar by Go Max Go Foods
Boom CHOCO Boom Ricemilk Chocolate Bar by Enjoy Life
Organic "Milk" Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar by Sjaaks
Nut 'Milk' Raw Cacao Chocolate Bar by Organic Nectars
Organic Rice Milk Chocolate Bar by Moo Free
Dairy-Free "Milk" Chocolate Bar by Plamil

If you had to choose...mylk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate? Frosting or ice cream on your cake? What would you dip in a bowl of yumful mylk chocolate frosting?  ;)

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Lychee Day!

Blogger of the Day: Janet at Vegan Feast Catering and Gonna Go Walk the Dogs
Pubs: The New Vegan: Fresh, Fabulous, and Fun

Meet the lychee (or litchi), a sweet juicy tropical fruit encased in a bumpy red inedible shell. You peel it, seed it, munch it up...then keep on eating more because they're lowcal and powerpunched with vitamin C! Historically they've mostly been grown in China, India and Southeast Asia but if you're lucky enough to live in the "tropical" US, you can find them fresh at farms and farmers' markets in Hawaii, Florida, Texas, etc. If you can't find them there or in your grocer's produce section, look for canned lychees in the canned fruit or Asian section of your store. No lychees in sight? Sub in its cousin the punkrad rambutan!  :)

Janet's not afraid to try crazycool things like lychees, seaweed, rambutans or mangosteens. As head of Vegan Feast Catering she's a creative superstar, inventing recipes that use weird, freaky and exotic ingredients blended brilliantly in surprisingly imaginative ways. She's famous for her zillions of spins on cupcakes, plus she's dreamed up gelatinfree blueberry "jello"...holydeepblue cups of yum!  ;)

How do you eat lychees? Have you ever tried a Lychee Martini? Are you brave enough to try exotic fruits and veggies? What's your favorite way to eat a cupcake?  :)

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy Jicama Day!

Blogger of the Day: Susan at Rawmazing
Rawmazing Transitional Foods
Rawmazing Holidays
Rawmazing Frozen Desserts
Rawmazing Desserts
Rawmazing Easy Raw Food
Rawmazing: Over 130 Simple Raw Recipes for Radiant Health
Rawmazing Desserts: Delicious and Easy Raw Food Recipes for Cookies, Cakes, Ice Cream, and Pie

Rawmazing pairs Susan's camera talent with her kitchen wizardry to bring you crazydelicious raw vegan meals of every color and flavor. Susan is high raw which means her vegan diet is about 80% raw and extra healthy! She's a fabulous photographer so get ready for some supergorgeous yummable stuff!  :)

Jicama's been around for centuries, favored for it's sweet crunch and easy snackability. Peel it, slice it, hit it with salt & pepper, your favorite spices or a dunk of dip and you're done!  :)
Jicama trivia...
• Jicama (HIC-a-ma), also called Mexican Yam Bean, is a brown-skinned root vegetable.
• It resembles a turnip but it is a member of the bean family.
• Jicama, which is peeled before eating, is crisp and white and its mild flavor is similar to a water chestnut.
• Jicama is used raw in salads; or boiled and baked like a potato.
• Nutrient content: Low in calories and fat, good source of Vitamin C, and contains some potassium, iron and calcium.

A few of Susan's jicama hits and a small sampling of her vast rawmazingness...

Have you tried jicama? Raw or cooked? How much of your diet is raw? Which of Susan's recipes is the most rawmazing to you?  ;)

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Jicama Photo
Andean Botany & Nasca Pottery Images
Jicama Image & Trivia
• Recipe photo courtesy of Susan Powers at Rawmazing

Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy Hot Fudge Sundae Day!

Blogger of the Day: Sabine at Some Like It Raw and Soul Food Passion Fruit
Raw Food Made Easy
Detoxing Made Easy
Raw Chocolate Made Easy
Raw Beauty

Sabine is a Holistic Health Coach whose anthem is "Nourish your Soul ~ Fruit your Body ~ Live your Passion". She's found her happiness in a (mostly) raw vegan diet, yoga and fitness, as well as coaching, writing and teaching about living a naturally passionate life, high on healthy wholesomeness. It's easy if you let it be!  :)

She strongly believes in going with the flow, honoring your intuition and giving in to your cravings once in awhile....so yes, even raw vegans can have a hot fudge sundae!  :)

When's the last time you gave in to a craving? Was it superyummalicious? Share a recipe for it if you have one!  :)

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Blueberry Smoothie Day!

Blogger of the Day: Barbara at Rawfully Tempting
Living Cookies eBook
Water Kefir Handbook
A La Carte Recipe Downloads

Barbara embodies the phrase "No pressure, no diamonds"...sometimes situations of extreme adversity give rise to phenomenal things! Barbara has struggled with numerous setbacks and health issues, including a fullblown heart attack, but she continues to shine through with resolve and resilience. Her blog Rawfully Tempting is an amazingly abundant resource for all things raw, offering a long list of recipes as well as helpful information, newsletters and services for those who want to explore raw cuisine. Barbara has really found her groove...she sparkles with creativity and compassion when it comes to developing, sharing and cooking her recipes. Her enthusiasm for reaching out to others with the good news about raw foods is remarkable, earning her accolades from the community...at the 6th Annual Best of Raw Awards, part of the 2014 Raw Living Expo, Barbara received the Best Raw Gourmet Chef and Best Raw Blog Awards!  :)

Barbara's products and services include...
Raw Cafe Gourmet Treats
Water Kefir & supplies
Demos, classes & workshops

Do you follow a raw and/or vegan diet to heal a medical condition? Has it helped? What resources or books do you use to guide you? Are you aware of the bountiful benefits of blueberries ?  ;)

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