Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Kiwi Fruit Day and Winter Solstice!

Blogger of the Day: Agnès at Interprétations Culinaires

The Winter Solstice is my favorite Winter holiday...from this point the days get longer and we get closer to shorts, tees, beaches and ice cream!  ;)

Until then it's still sniffle weather so pack in as much vitamin C as you can get! Kiwi fruits have superhigh levels of it...just one 2-inch kiwi gives you 85% of your daily vitamin C (plus a bounty more) and it's only 42 calories! You can eat them with or without the skin, sliced into salads and sandwiches, topped onto yogurt, swirled into can even dehydrate them into chips. Play with them and see what you get!

Agnès transforms kiwi fruit into her amazingly creative "Gâteau Capoeira"...that's French for Capoeira Cake, which she made and decorated for her Capoeira martial arts group. You can decorate it any way you like or just top it with beautiful green kiwi slices. It's sweet and rich and soulcheeringly yumful! Agnès is based in Paris so many of her recipes are in French (definitely worth translating) but she's also got a generous section of recipes in English. Crazygorgeous, so flavorful and many of them are deliciously simple!  :)

❄ Winter Solstice trivia...
• The word solstice comes from the Latin words for "sun" and "to stand still.”
• At the Winter Solstice, the Sun reaches its southernmost point in the sky.
• In the Northern Hemisphere, this occurs around December 21 or 22.
• This is the shortest day of the year, in which we experience the least amount of daylight in 24 hours.
• The Earth is still holding some Summer heat so the Solstice isn't necessarily the coldest time in Winter.
• Find your exact Solstice timepoint here.

❄ Solstice-related holidays include...
Alban Arthan, a Druidic tradition involving mistletoe and swordplay!
• Yule celebrations, where symbolic logs are lit throughout Scandinavia and Northern Europe...make a wish!
Christmas, which may be celebrated with Midnight Mass or midnight milk & cookies for Santa or both!

Solstice celebrations and Winter festivals are revving up everywhere!  :)

Do you have a favorite kiwi fruit recipe? Do you celebrate the Winter Solstice? What's the wildest Winter celebration you've ever been to?  :)

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happy Pesto Day!

Blogger of the Day: Ruth at v:gourmet

Pesto and hummus are a vegan's most versatile friends! A quick spin in a food processor and you've got the beginning of a fabulous appetizer, sandwich spread, pizza/pasta sauce or whatever pestofriendly recipe you can dream up!  :)

Ruth presents two excellent pestos to play with, in addition to divine pastas, dreamy tofu dishes and so much more! Ruth is a total pro...her photos are supergorgeous, her videos are hip and stylish, and her recipes rock with rich delicious flavors. She uses simple basics to make the best meals on the planet...this is yumful stuff!  :)

What's your favorite way to enjoy pesto?  :)

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy National Oatmeal Muffin Day!

Blogger of the Day: Natalie at Bake and Destroy
Pubs: Bake and Destroy: Good Food for Bad Vegans
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Natalie is famous in the baking world for her rad attitude, fabulous tats and fearless kitchen skills! Her blog is busting with cupcakes, cookies, punk rock and pro wrestling, plus...
Teno the Food Puncher...Natalie's son reviews foods, demos toys, dances madly and more. Not all vegan but crazycute! wrestling-themed online bakeoffs!
• Gift guides, giveaways, fundraisers and free stuff!
• Easy and yumful veganfriendly eats!
Natalie is also a totally devoted familywoman, she is remarkably generous and openhearted, and she has raised thousands of dollars for worthy and compassionate causes, so along with all of that snark and sarcasm come a whole lotta hugs...and bake sales.  ;)

(via Veggie Girl)

(Doritos-Crusted Tofu)

(via real food traveler)

(and a Food Puncher Review!)

Find Natalie here too!
Banana Bread French Toast Cupcakes (via Twinkie Chan)
Breakfast Pizza (via Healthy Slow Cooking)
Candy Apple Salad (via Just the Food)
Candy Bar Cupcakes (via Healthy Slow Cooking)
Candy Bar Smoothie (via spabettie)
Cannibal Corpse Crock-Pot (via Canned Time)
Cujo Chow (via Your Vegan Mom)
Falafel Waffle (via An Unrefined Vegan)
Grilled Mac ‘n’ Cheez Sandwich with Chee-Zee Sauce (via The Lisa Ekus Group)
Indian Buffet Pizza (via Everyday is a Holiday)
Pistachio Whoopie Pies (via Meet The Shannons)
Pretzel Dogs of the Dead (via Vegan Yack Attack)
Shepherd’s Pie Pizza (via Get Sconed!)
You Don’t Know Jack Hash (via Canned Time)

On one post Natalie solves the mystery of her fishy tattoo. If you could get a tattoo commemorating a special event, what would it be?  :)

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Bake Cookies Day!

Blogger of the Day: Holly at Petite Panettiere

We've got a batch of peanut butter cookies in the oven now and the whole house smells like warm cookie heaven...yumza!

Both of my Sicilian grandmothers were strong believers in the holiday cookie tradition. In between busy careers and community center volunteering and important family time, they somehow managed to create a tablefilled feast for every holiday, including hundreds of squealingly scrumptious sweets! Nana M specialized in Cuccidati, Biscotti Regina, Almond Fingers and Tutus, while Nana N pressed Anise Pizzelles and rolled Vanilla Chocolate Chip-filled Cannoli...I'm happily melting with the memory of them! To my grandmothers, nothing said love like baking these beautiful handmade cookies and pastries for friends and family. Holly carries on a compassionate baking tradition too...gorgeous treats made with a creative eye and a loving vegan heart. Her family is a lucky bunch to share in these delicious delights and her smiley spirit!  :)

Keep going beyond the cookies...Holly's got biscuits and burgers and scones and granola, boatloads of fudge and puppy treats too! These superyumfuls are next on our cookiemaking list...GF Butterfinger Bars.  :)

Which of Holly's cookies would you bake up first?  ;)

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy National Maple Syrup Day!

Blogger of the Day: Victoria at The Pursuit of Hippieness

On the job Victoria writes crazycool articles as an editorial assistant at ELLE...give her a follow here. On her blog she scribes on hippie style, natural beauty, soulful travel and sweetful treats like her ohso heavenly hippiecakes!  :)

As we discussed, when it comes to maple syrup, stick with he real stuff!

Visit a sugar shack, take a maple tour, buy a bucketful while you're there or buy online!  :)
Maple Syrup Producers Association of Connecticut
Indiana Maple Syrup Association (pdf)
Maine Maple Producers Association
Massachusetts Maple Producers Association
Michigan Maple Syrup Association
Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers Association
New Hampshire Maple Producers Association
New York State Maple Association
Ohio Maple Producers Association
Pennsylvania Maple Producers Council
Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association
Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Association
New Brunswick Maple Syrup Producers Association
Maple Syrup Producers of Nova Scotia
Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association
Citadelle Maple Syrup Producer's Cooperative of Quebec

Learn more...
American Maple Museum, Croghan, NY
Centre Acer (Quebec Sugar Maple Research Center)
Cornell Sugar Maple Research & Extension Program
University of Vermont Proctor Maple Research Center
USDA Video Series: Forest Farming Maple Syrup: Collecting Sap with a Bucket

Have you ever collected maple sap? How did you use it? What's your favorite maple treat?  :)

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