Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Chia Seed Day!

Blogger of the Day: Deryn at Running on Real Food

Deryn is a talented graphic designer, recipe developer and nonstop plantpowered fitness fiend! She thrives on working out and competing so she relies on high energy foods like nut butters, oats, fruits and seeds...especially chia seeds! These little wonderballs bust out with calcium, fiber, protein and more, plus they make superdelicious puddings and overnight oats...yumza!

After you fuel up, check out Deryn's fitness guides and free workout planners...time to burn off all that pie you ate over the weekend!  ;)

Chia powered goodness...

And altenative fuels...

What do you do with chia, the superwonderfood?  :)

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Chocolates Day!

Blogger of the Day: Hannah at Health Yeah!
Pantry Essentials E-Guide
Mondays Journal

Hannah's daily mantras...
Eat right...load up on pure plantbased goodness.
Tread light...respect the resources of the planet.
Live courageous, compassionate and spontaneous.
Say Hell Yeah! to well in mind, body and spirit!

Hannah sticks to smoothies and salads most of the time but definitely digs in for yumful chocolate! In between sunning and surfing, and playing around Auckland, writing her beautiful blog, whipping up thickies at her Health Yeah Smoothie Station and serving and selling all sorts of delish at her Mondays Store & Cafe, this girl deserves a treat!  :)

Don't's not all chocolate!  ;)

Do you live spontaneously or do you plan out your day? When was the last time you said "Hell Yeah!"and had fun? What chocolate treat are you craving right now?  ;)

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy National French Toast Day!

Blogger of the Day: Alanna at The Model House Wife

Alanna isn't actually a housewife...she's a successful model and accomplished photographer working hard and living healthy on both coasts! She has a fantastic eye for capturing fashions, feasts and faces on camera, plus she whips up simple vegan treats like this easy French crazyyumful!  :)

French toast can be made with almost anything...just soak, heat and eat. I've experimented with applesauce, banana mash, cashew cream, parsnip puree, tofu, vegan yogurt, melted ice cream, spicy nog...with grainy breads or sweet breads or quick breads...whatever happened to be around at 10am (or 2am!). Sometimes it works, sometimes it ends up slightly soggy or extra crispy...doesn't matter if you slog it with enough syrup or heap it with more ice cream!  ;)

How do you usually have French toast? What's the wildest French toast recipe you've ever tried or imagined? If someone gave you a pro camera, what would you photo first?  :)

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Split Pea Day and Hug-A-Turkey Day!

Blogger of the Day: Stephanie at Hope For Healing

This is a marvelous soup to start midmorning for a hearty lunch in a hectic day, or fire it up later on to make a soulfilling dinner with a basket of homemade biscuits and a slab of fudgey cake...yumza!  :)

Stephanie's vegfriendly blog is entirely glutenfree which is superhelpful if you are cooking for GF guests or are GF yourself. It also features plenty of delicious milletbased recipes...perfect for National Millet Month! Visit Stephanie's professional website for even more healthy healing recipes!  :)

Do you make your own soup or do you buy it? What's your favorite flavor? Do you sip it with biscuits, slurp it up with a hunk of bread, sprinkle it with crackers or...?  :)

Happy Hug-A-Turkey Day!  ;)

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy National Cake Day!

Blogger of the Day: Sarah at My New Roots
Pubs: My New Roots

My godmother Clara is phenomenal, a quietly fiery inspiration to me in so many ways. She grew up in a dynasty of pasta and pizza purveyors on the West Side of Chicago and she's always had a drive to pitch in and liven things up. As a feisty redhaired girl, between homework and high school dances, she helped out in the family's Italian restaurant, known for their homemade pasta and ravioli, and for their spirit of generous compassion. If rations ran low or a family fell on hard times, dishes were filled and the cash register remained's easy to see why they developed such a loyal customer following. The business branched out and started selling through supermarkets where their signature slogan became "Abbondanza!". Clara opened her own restaurant in 1987 and taught her children the same tradition of serving delicious food with a family flair. Now her kids run the business while Clara dishes out wisdom and an occasional plate of pasta too!

Sarah reminds me so much of Clara! Like my godmother Sarah has a warm cheerful laugh and a deep love of wholesome handcrafted meals. Sarah is truly inspiring too...she cheerfully coaxes you to care about yourself and your community through boisterously fun and flavorful cooking classes. She is pure genius in the kitchen, supertalented with a camera, blazingly smart when it comes to nutrition and really truly huggably sweet! Most of her recipes lean in towards veg healthiness but everyone needs an indulgent treat once in awhile and Sarah delivers brilliantly! Her Seuss-striped Chocolate Banana Cake is spectacular...a decadently rich and crazyamazingly delicious wondercake! If you want a breezily easy "cheezy" cake then move on down to Sarah's Cashew Dreamcake. I dare you to eat just one piece, no matter which you choose!  ;)

Sarah's star continues to rise! She's been featured in several highprofile publications and was honored with the 2014 Best Food Blog Award for Special Diets Blog ~ Readers' Choice! Definitely treat yourself to Sarah's TED talks where she embraces her audiences with warm healthy veggie love!

Name your favorite wondercake!  :)

FYI...The day after Tday is Fur-Free Friday...a fabulous chance to make a positive difference! What are you doing to speak up for our furry friends?

Happy Thanksgiving to Clara and Sarah and their families and to everyone!  :)

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