Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22…Earth Day Play!

Happy Earth Day everyone! If you’re a vegan, you already celebrate Earth Day every day with your eco-friendly diet…yay!
I figure the best way to celebrate Planet Earth is to play in the mud, so here ya go! ;)
Cuppa Mudcakes from Alisa at Go Dairy Free
Cutest dang mudcakes I’ve ever seen!  :)

Vegan Mississippi Mud Cake from Kelly at Vegan Thyme
Vegan Mississippi Mud Pie Cake from Meet The Shannons
Chocolate Zucchini Mud Cake from Hilda Jorgensen at VeganBaking

White Chocolate Mud Cake from Nikki at Bed & Broccoli
Raw Mississippi Mud Pie from Selene at Veganlicious

Mahalo Mud Pie from Chef Chloe

Vegan Gluten Free Cappuccino Mud Pie from Kris at i heart wellness

Sandy Bottom Flood-Mud Pie from trueindigo at Bacon is NOT an Herb

Mud Pie Cheesecake from treehugger5 at VegWeb

On Sale!
At Outpost Natural Foods...Earth Balance Buttery Non-Dairy Spread through 4/23/13

It’s easy…recycle, walk instead of drive, go vegan, eat mud!

How are you being Earth-friendly today?

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