Thursday, April 18, 2013

'Banzos and Olives

Two of my most favorite foods, and in this case, vegan blogs.
Organic Garbanzo Beans are on sale at Outpost Natural Foods (yay!) so I rolled on over to Olives for Dinner to find the most yumful recipes for these lil darlins!
Erin at OfD is beautifully brilliant in her vegan kitchen, creating sometimes indulgent but always amazing recipes full of rich flavors. Her husband is equally talented at photographing it all, so the blog is a dream to visit and learn from and liberally bookmark for future reference.  :)
Without further ado, here's what Olives for Dinner suggests for the Mighty 'Banzo Bean...

(Organic Fava Beans are on sale at Outpost too!)

And yes, chickpeas are the same thing as garbanzo beans.  :)

What's your favorite Banzo Bean recipe? I've fallen for falafel!

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