Sunday, April 5, 2009


Odd as it be, I rarely get a yen for chocolate...when I do, I have a list of favorites that really spin my spurs. As this is the hippity-hoppity chocolate season, I want to recommend two excellent companies that donate a chunk of their chocolate change to truly worthy causes:
Theo Jane Goodall Bars
If you haven't tried Theo chocolate yet, you much hop, skip, and/or run to the nearest Theo retailer or to Theo's website and discover them! Their chocolate is heavenly-smooth and leaves a pleasant aftertaste, unlike most conveyor-belt commercial bars.
Their Organic and Fair Trade-certified cocoa is beneficial in every way, and their Partner Bars have extra benefits...
Theo's Jane Goodall Bars help fund the Jane Goodall Institute’s global efforts to save chimpanzees and to develop community-centered conservation efforts and youth education programs.
WBR Sea Salt Chocolate Bars help provide specially designed, locally-built bikes to students, health care workers, and entrepreneurs in rural Africa through World Bicycle Relief.
Theo Cherry and Chili Chocolate Bars help the PCC Farmland Trust to preserve farmland and assist farmers throughout the Pacific Coast area.
They also make a super-delectable selection of vegan chocolates such as Walnut Flaxseed Crunch, Blueberry Almond, Sunflower Banana Butter and Pure Cocoa Bliss. (I think I feel a craving coming on...I know I have a Theo bar around here somewhere!)
Theo Chocolate
3400 Phinney Ave. North
Seattle, WA 98103

 Endangered Species Chocolate
I must admit I also keep a small stash of Organic Endangered Species Chocolate Bug Bites...little squares of pure yummy goodness! ESC uses ethically traded, shade-grown chocolate and they donate 10% of net profits to help support species, habitat and humanity. They make lots of vegan and Kosher-certified options too.
As if that's not enough, they are truly out of this world...
"So, if you haven’t heard yet, Endangered Species Chocolate is going to outer space. That’s right, an astronaut on the upcoming shuttle Discovery Flight STS-119 to the International Space Station specifically requested our Supreme Dark Chocolate chimpanzee bar. Eight dark chocolate bars will make the trip along with the final set of power-generating solar arrays and the station’s newest crew member."
The Coexist Chocolate Covered Confections include superdelicious Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews, Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries and Dark Chocolate Covered Hazelnut Toffee.
African Wildlife Foundation Gift Collections feature treats like Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Toffee, Dark Mint Chocolate Bars, Organic Dark Chocolate Cherry Bars and Organic Dark Chocolate Orange Bars, along with a 1-year AWF e-membership, an AWF plush and a donation to AWF!
Endangered Species Chocolate
5846 W. 73rd. St.
Indianapolis, IN 46278

...yep, I definitely need to raid the where did I hide it?

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