Friday, April 3, 2009

Throw & Grow

SeedBallz are sweet little spheres of seeds, fertilizer and clay that you can toss onto any sunny patch of soil that needs a spark of life. They require only a drink of water until they sprout, then nature takes over and they grow like mad, coloring up your garden with happy-go-lucky blooms. SeedBallz are produced by a creative community of adults with disabilities, and are ideal for newbie gardeners, young gardeners, gardeners who aren't quite as flexible, agile or bendable as they used to be, or anyone who just wants to see flowers flourish but doesn't have time to dig in the dirt. My secret sources tell me that these are a favorite of guerilla gardeners who toss them about under cover of night to bloom up bare public patches such as roadsides, abandoned lots, renegade floral faeries!

Garden Basket
2447 Riverview Street
Eugene, OR 97403

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