Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy National Potato Day!

Blogger of the Day: Marti at Tofu Mom...and Gravy!

Marti specializes in "kid-tested, Mom-approved, easy, budget-friendly, unapologetically delicious vegan comfort food (and lots of GRAVY!)". She has that treasured talent that every mom worth her truffle salt possesses...the ability to take ingredients like humble spuds and spin them into a million sorts of deliciousness. For me, that includes supercrazy yumful scalloped potatoes...layers of taters mixed with creamy sauce and crispified on top. So good! Set the table, I'm ready to eat!  :)

Marti's a busy working mom so glossy glamor photos aren't the focus here. Just solidgood eats! Her website is built on hundreds of tried and true recipes so after you scoop up some scallops and potato salads go explore the rest of her gravy and goodness!  ;)

What's your favorite Mom-approved potato plate...hash browns, poutine, tombet or...?  :)

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