Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy Homemade Cookies Day and World Vegetarian Day!

Blogger of the Day: Amanda at Pickles & Honey

If you can't get your friends and family to go vegan at least get them to try life as a vegetarian today or for a week or for the whole month! World Vegetarian Day kicks off Vegetarian Awareness Month, created by the North American Vegetarian Society who also organize the superfabulous Vegetarian Summerfest! WVD is your opening to teach people that a crueltyfree plantloving lifestyle saves people, animals and the planet, and it's crazydelicious too! To help prove it, share some vegan cookie love in honor of Homemade Cookies Day! Check out Amanda's extrachocolatey doublestuffs...these homemade handfuls of yum will rock the most hardhearted carnivore's day and vegify them in no time!  :)

Amanda's joie de vivre about vegan eating sums it all up...
"I’m of the mindset that our food should (mostly) be health-promoting and make us feel good, but part of feeling good is the joy that comes from eating in a way that nourishes our bodies and our souls, giant bowls of summer strawberries included, and the occasional cupcake, too."
And cookies too!  :)

Who or what encouraged you to go vegan? Did you go vegetarian first? What's your favorite homemade cookie?  :)

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