Friday, March 15, 2013

National Pears Hélène Day Deliciousness!

Simple, sophisticated and superdelish!
According to The Nibble:
"The dessert owes its origin to the opera La belle Hélène by composer Jacques Offenbach. It’s a comedic take on the elopement of Queen Helen, wife of King Menelaus of Sparta, with Prince Paris of Troy. This act of l’amour started the Trojan War, as the Greeks sailed to Troy to retrieve their queen. The opera debuted on December 17, 1864, was a big success, and the dessert was developed by Auguste Escoffier as a tribute.
The dessert is composed of pears poached in sugar syrup, topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and crystallized violets (today sliced almonds are more commonly used)."

Don't be scared's easy!  :)

from The Nibble
Pictured above: Red Bartlett Pears, Pears Hélène, Bosc Pears 
(Red Bartlett and Bosc images courtesy of Pear Bureau Northwest

Even simpler, fewer ingredients...
Pears Hélène
from Attila Hildmann (translated from German)

The Chocolate Sauce...
Vegan Hot Fudge and Chocolate Sauce
from Dana at My Little Celebration
Double Chocolate Sauce
from Mattie at VeganBaking
Chocolate Ganache
from Isa Chandra at Post Punk Kitchen

The (Non-Dairy) Ice Cream...
So Delicious makes 5 varieties of vanilla and so many other screamingly amazing flavors!

On Sale...Red Bartlett Pears!
At Outpost through 3/19/13

I'm a Vanilla Bean fiend. Name your favorite non-dairy ice cream!  :)

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