Monday, March 18, 2013

To Raisin or Not To Raisin? That is The Question.

It's Oatmeal Cookie Day...perfect holiday for a sleepy, snowy Monday.
Yes, snow. Giant flakes tumbling from the sky. Lots and lots of them.
Obviously the answer to snowoverdose is to bake oatmeal cookies.  :)
Let's do a yumfully easy one...
from Ashley Palmer at PETA

Oodles of oatness...
Vegan Oatmeal Cookies
with chocolate chips from PETA
from Lynn at Scissors and Spice

from Julia's (Vegan) Kitchen

from Debbie at Maple ♥ Spice

from Kelly at V for Vegan

But raisin or not to raisin?
I love raisins but not usually not as an ingredient in cooked things. Keep them out of my rice please, and definitely not in my cinnamon rolls.
But oatmeal raisin cookies are an exception, especially if they're thick and chewy and spicy!  :)

from Mattie at VeganBaking

from Julia's (Vegan) Kitchen

from Hannah at Bittersweet

from Susan at Rawmazing

from Jennifer at Sweet On Veg

from Mrs Pine Nut at Too Cheap for Pine Nuts

How do you like your oatmeal cookies? With raisins? Iced? Thick and chewy or thin and crispified?

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