Tuesday, March 12, 2013

S'mores and Stuffables

Goodgolly not only is it Girl Scouts Day, but it's also Chocolate Chip Cookie Week!
Every Girl Scout worth her merit badges can make deliciously squishiously marshmallow S'mores...now combine those with classic Chocolate Chip Cookies and you have THE perfect dunkable!
These will be double batchers...one for my friends and one to fill my giant cookie jar.  :)

from Shannon at leaves and flours

from The Chubby Vegan

Chocolatey S'mores Galore...

from Allyson at Manifest Vegan

from Kathy at Healthy. Happy. Life.

Side-by-side Chips and S'mores...

from Kristina at spabettie

from Dreena via Novel Eats

Are all dark chocolate chips vegan? Nope.
Find Vegan Chocolate Chips at VeganEssentials...yay!

Given a choice, would you rather have a jar full of S'mores or Chocolate Chip Cookies?  ;)

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