Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh My Darlin' Clementine

The winter holiday season is filled with all sorts of fruity delights and one of my favorites is a Clementine Orange or two in my St. Nick's stocking. (Head's up's St. Nick's Eve tonight!) Okay, yes, it's nice to get chocolate Santas and boxes of Cracker Jack and maybe a Barrel of Monkeys, but I always look forward to a sweet citrusy surprise! Those charming little wooden crates stuffed full of brilliant orange Clementines will come in handy this year when filling glittery Christmas stockings, topping the dinner table fruit bowl and just noshing on throughout the coming weeks. Their scent is heavenly and each bite takes me straight to herbivore heaven.  :)
Fortunately Sendik's has them in abundance, and they're on sale! So here's one of my favorite recipes from Lolo at VeganYumYum...

And don't miss her recipe using this deliciousness in  

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