Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hitch on for a Vegan Ride!

Okay so this little blog has meandered here and there with no particular destination, just a bit of merry gypsy rambling. Today I think I'll drive it in a vegan direction and connect with community. I'll choose an item or two that are on sale at one of my favorite local stores and feature a vegan recipe, or I'll showcase a cruelty-free locally-made product, vegan-friendly restaurant or herbivorous art-maker.  
Sounds like a good direction to me...for now.  ;)

My two favorite local grocers are Sendik's Food Market and Outpost Natural Foods Co-op.
I've shopped at Sendik's since forever! It started as a little neighboorhood shop run by a wonderful Italian family where my Italian grandmother and mom could stop by, chat with the owners (who they grew up) and pick up our favorite Italian and specialty foods. They've grown quite a bit since then and the store is now a full-fledged comprehensive grocery store competing with the big box super-hyped stores. Sendik's is so much better in many ways, including their friendly personal attention, ambiance, specialties, wine selection and excellent produce. And they carry vegan bakery from East Side Ovens so I can't pass that up!

Sendik's has blueberries on sale right now so here's a delightfully delicious recipe from Madison of Veggieful...

What's your favorite blueberry recipe or dish?

Outpost is outstanding because it's user-owned and totally committed to the principles of sustainability, sourcing locally, growing and producing organically and through fair trade and serving the community. Everyone on staff is super helpful and the selection will keep you shopping for hours...there's so much to choose from and it's all so fresh and flavorful! I defy you to walk by the bakery and deli and not buy something! It's not possible!

The vegan goods are abundant. In addition to made-that-day bakery and salads and sandwiches and so on, they've got all the big names from Alternative Baking Company to Zia Natural Skincare. If they don't have it, they'll help you find it.

Outpost has Organic Washington-grown Gala apples on sale right now...that's a full buck less per pound than Mr. Big Box down the street! Ha! So I'd like to point you to Vegan Yack Attack and Jackie's amazing Apple Pear Crisp...

What's your favorite appley recipe or appley thing to eat?

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