Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Chop Suey Day!

Blogger of the Day: RG at Astig Vegan

My best friend Mike in grade school was ridiculously smart and superfriendly, always willing to share whatever he had, including his wondrous lunchfoods. He came from a merrily mixed half Filipino, half Italian family...I remember visiting for dinner and tasting amazing dishes unlike anything I'd ever had before. RG's buoyantly joyous attitude and deliciously fascinating foods happily remind me so much of Mike and his family, plus I love it when her smiley grandparents make cameo appearances.  :)

RG also has a "badass vegan" side to her kitchen attitude...that's what Astig Vegan means in Tagalog. RG (her full name is Richgail) is on a mission to veganize her family's traditionally meatheavy Philippine cuisine. She features crazyyumful noodles, soups and stews and spinningly sweet treats, all crueltyfree and made in brilliant vegan style! Chop suey is an easy place to start...a favorite Asian dish usually made with chicken, fish or pork and eggs, RG's recipe goes for tofu instead. Adobo recipes are aplenty, as well as more exotic entrees and tasteful American fare. Don't miss her videos...she's a broadcast professional so they're really well done, plus she's just so charming, regardless of the "badass" tag.  ;)

Bopis (exotic mushroom appetizer)

Simple Lentil Tagalog (lentils and veggies)

Fried Lumpia (wrapped veggie rolls)

Batchoy (savory noodle mushroom soup)

Ensaymada (Spanish/Filipino pastry coated in sugar, butter and cheese)

Siu Mai Dumplings (steamed tofu veggie dumplings)

Ginataang Bilo Bilo (chewy rice balls in coconut milk)

Halo-Halo (sweet fruit iced milk with purple flan)

What are your favorite dishes from the Philippines? Do you adore adobo? Which of RG's recipes would you like to try first? What tricky meat dishes would you like to badass veganize?  ;)

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