Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy National Hot Mulled Cider Day!

Blogger of the Day: Mary at Mitten Machen

After you're done bouncing around the pumpkin patch looking for a cute squash to carve, make a hefty pot of this hot spicy stuff and drink up! Mary knows how to make a wickedyumful mug of cider and more warming treats (and knitted mittens too!) because when you live in Maine you need to keep your inner fires deliciously stoked. Even if you're swimming in a heat wave now, save this recipe for those cold nights when it's just you, a movie and a thick quilt...and a plate of cinnamony cookies!  :)

Will you be visiting a pumpkin patch this season? What's your formula for the perfect warmup drink?  ;)

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  1. We just harvested our pumpkin patch and got over a quarter ton of the beauties; should last us til March if we keep them cool in the cellar. I like gingery drinks to warm up, like hot ginger cordial. But hot chocolate is wonderful too, especially the Jamaican cocoa tea made from a chocolate block and grated nutmeg.

    1. I'd love a bowl of your pumpkin, parsnip & rosemary soup right now...it looks so warm and healthy and yumful! :)