Friday, November 29, 2013

Sunshine in the Mornin'

Happy National Lemon Creme Pie Day!
Sick of pie yet? I am not...I had cinnamon apple pie for breakfast and it was squealingly yumful!

Lemon cream pies are a tasteful changeup to the syrupy nutty squashy pies invading our tables this week. Superlight and easy and cheerfully bright, they're a zing of sunshine on your plate.
...and yes, they are delicious as breakfast pies too!  ;)

from Danielle at Baking Backwards

from Sarahfaé at Addicted To Veggies

from Vegan Chicks Rock

from Sherry at Exploits of a Vegan Wannabe

from Heather at Rhythm Of The Home

from Janae at Bring Joy

from Rande at The Fruitarian Foodie

from Kathy at Healthy Slow Cooking

from Diana at eat to evolve!

What's your favorite lemon treat? What kind of pie makes you happy? Do you like leftovers for breakfast? 


  1. Yum!! I made a raw vegan lemon meringue pie in the Summer and it was so fantastic. I think my favourite kind of pie though is pecan pie!

    1. Your lemon meringue pie is crazy amazing! That was my dad's favorite flavor...I didn't like it as a kid but I love it now!
      Do you have a pecan pie recipe on your site? I must go look! :)