Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy National Raisin Day!

Blogger of the Day: Helen at Eat Pray Bake

A long time ago there was a bakery in our neighborhood that made the most yumful muffins on the planet. I loved their raisin bran weird because I don't usually like raisins in baked things but these little gems were drenched in stickysyrupy sweetness, packed with raisins and were heavier than a wet sandbag. Dizzyspinninggood! I haven't yet found a recipe that equals them but I keep trying. And eating muffins. And trying some more.  ;)

That's how I found Helen's raisin muffin recipe. Helen is a superactive socially motivated nutrition student from Toronto who thrives on travel, Tabata, yoga, running and healthy vegfriendly cooking. Her blog is a bright beautiful stories, fun and lovely photos, food facts and easy treats. I'm still on the hunt for the ultimate muffin, but I gotta love Helen's BRB Muffins because, admit it...blueberries make everything better!  :)

Helen puts raisins in plenty of recipes...bars, cookies, fudge, salads, even her eggplant caponata stew! What kinds of foods do you raisin up? Who makes your favorite muffins? What's your favorite fitness workout?   :)

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  1. I love raisins, and have since I was a kid! I almost always add raisins to my oatmeal in the morning, and I love them in bran muffins, too. I haven't had a muffin in so long, I don't even know where my favourite muffin comes from. I guess homemade is best! My favourite workout is a tie between yoga and weight-lifting. I love how yoga makes me feel afterwards- it's like a workout on the inside. But I love how a hard strength-training workout makes me feel, too! Exhausted but proud and motivated. Just don't make me do jumps/sprints/stairs....ugh!! haha

    1. lol...or burpees! No burpees please! ;)
      I was a raisin kid too...we always had a giant box to dig into for fast easy snacks. :)