Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Vegan Cheese Ball Day!

Blogger of the Day: Josh at My Vegan Cookbook
Pubs: Vegan Gingerbread Houses

Springtime's arrived so let's play ball! Throw this cheese ball on the table with a basket of crackers and GrandSlam!...instant hit! You can try different sizes...giant cheese planets (perfect for Earth Day!), baseballs (tailgate friendly!), one goodsized golfball for each person (enough for 3 or 4 chips) or microballs with a surprise inside (roll, poke a hole, tuck in a soynut or bit of chili pepper, then close up the hole). Cover them with chopped nuts, seeds, crushed chips or spice mix...whatever spins your spurs. Serve with crackers, chips or veggies and let the good times roll!  ;)

Josh started his blog with his now-famous Cheeze Ball, smoked it up with a Cheddary version, and is now tossing out spectacular vegan recipes with a Southern spin. Pick your peaches, ball up your Cheezes, then explore more from Josh's Vegan Cookbook!  :)

Are you a vegan cheese ball fan? What's your favorite vegan cheese flavor? What other festive foods do you serve for parties or tailgates? How will you be celebrating Earth Day?  :)

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  1. Got to check this blog out- thanks for the link. I like the"blue" cashew cheese I invented for last Christmas: tangy veins of fermented black beans running through it- perfect with crackers and pickle :)

    1. That sounds incredibly good but so does your Cheese on the ultimate vegan comfort food! :)