Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Barley Day!

Blogger of the Day: Lee at The Vegan Version

I am such a cheap date...take me on an evening trip to the local co-op and I'll be overthemoon happy especially if it ends with a superyumful meal! Our co-op store has it everything, fresh local fruits & veggies, my fave vegan bakery, vegan salads and sammies from the deli, sampling days (the best!) and a huge bulk section where you can buy boatloads of beans, grains and soup mixes for much less than bigbrand boxed versions. There's always something new to discover and today it's barley! One of the most healthful grains on the planet, it's high in fiber and B vitamins like niacin and it's ohsogood for breakfast! But today it's gonna be these spiced up mushroom burgers from Lee. She knows how to throw easy ingredients together to create downhome comfort foods, plus she whips up all sorts of worldlywonderful stuff like Lahmajun and Mexican Skillet Lasagna...and Arancini!  :)

Today's cheap date has to end in healthy burgers so bulkbin barley burgers it is!

And because Lee says "Everything is better wrapped in Phyllo"...

Do you cook with barley? Have you tried grain-based veggie burgers? Do you buy from bulk bins when you food shop? What's your favorite thing to do on a cheap date?  ;)

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