Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy Rhubarb Day!

Blogger of the Day: Deanna at The Mommy Bowl

I'm always amazed when people recount their crystalclear memories from the age of 2 or do they do it? My earliest memories are from around the age of 5...kindergarten jungle gyms and graham cracker snacks and afternoon naps and playing with my sister's Albert the Alley Cat puppet. I also remember a sunny spring day when our neighbor showed us how to pick rhubarb in her garden and taught us to never eat the leaves...just munch on the stalks after dipping them in sugar. I still remember the squinge-up-your-face sweettart taste of those candy red stalks. So yumfully good!  :)

Deanna's Rhubarb Butter Bars deliciously capture that tangy sugary burst of flavor and are even more delicious topped with vegan vanilla ice cream! Deanna's a gluten-free veg-friendly triathlete from Madison with plenty of vegan and raw recipes and lots of them are ABCeasy! Start with the bars to celebrate the marvelous garden joys of spring!  :)

I suspect that brilliant blue bowl might be THE mommy bowl...I need to ask about that!  ;)

How do you enjoy rhubarb? Did you grow it yourself in your garden? What other sweet treats help you welcome in spring? What's one of your earliest childhood food memories?   :)

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  1. Wow, thanks for the review.

    Nope, that blue bowl isn't the mommy bowl. That one is beat up and U-G-L-Y ugly. (I tried to feature it in a photo once. Yah, no.) :)

    1. lol I have a ceramic soup mug just like it...chipped and old and very "rustic" but a wonderful friend made it for me so I refuse to let it go. :)