Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happy Eat a Hoagie Day!

Blogger of the Day: Alicia at Vegan Guinea Pig and The Lady and Seitan
Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food
Quick and Easy Low-Cal Vegan Comfort Food
Quick & Easy Vegan Celebrations

Hoagie, hero, grinder, sub...a big fat doublehandful of a sandwich can go by many names but it needs to be superpacked with your fave sammie ingredients and sauces and wedged into a giant chunk of bread. Go with traditional vegan meats and cheeses or take it up a notch with Alice's spectacular tempeh!

In addition to her professional website, Alice runs two foodfocused websites...The Lady and Seitan where she puts a vegan spin on Paula Deen's southern cooking and Vegan Guinea Pig where she posts reviews and recipes of her own. Her hoagie is a crowdpleaser especially on gamedays like today...if you don't have all the ingredients, sub in what you like and make your hoagie your own!  :)

Tempeh tips...
PopSugar's Tofu vs. Tempeh
PETA's Tempeh 101

Do you call them hoagies, heroes, subs or...? What are your favorite hoagie fillers? Where have you found your favorite restaurant, café or stadium-made hoagie?  :)

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  1. I like banh mi made with seitan (see blog). Here where I live, however, you have to make vegan subs yourself if you want anything decent!