Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy National Apple Dumpling Day!

Blogger of the Day: Noelle at Opera Singer in the Kitchen
Pubs: Creative Cuisine (vegan, gluten-free friendly)

 In my family music and food have always gone together. My grandparents were opera singers so arias always accompanied the arancini. My dad dug jazz so Ella tunes went with the tiramisu. Mom hums opera, my sister croons country. I didn't inherit any musical talent but I belt out Annie Lennox with my brownies nonetheless. I'd love to know what's on the program in Noelle's kitchen...La Traviata with her Lasagna? Carmen with her Carne Asada? Figaro with her Flautas?  ;)

Regardless of the soundtrack, Noelle has created some crazydelicious vegan recipes. When I first found her blog she featured lots of vegan comfort food in addition to international dishes...she has since switched to the carnivore side but she's left all her superyumful vegan recipes up on the blog...yay! Apple dumplings are a perfect place to start digging in...apples are coming into season now so you can try Noelle's recipe with all sorts of apple goodness!  :)

What's your favorite form of dumpling? Do you sing in the kitchen? What song do you have floating in your head right now?  ;)

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  1. Yum! I don't really cook dumplings though- but this might persuade me to try... haven't got an earworm at the moment, which is unusual for me, but this week it's been a strange but catchy song by electro band Zorch called Zut Alors, which I found by accident on Youtube. I tend to listen to talk radio in the kitchen, but when it's music it's usually reggae, dub or kirtan.

  2. Just found this! Thanks for the feature!! :-)