Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy Fresh Fig Day!

Blogger of the Day: Adair at Lentil Breakdown

Dried figs are delish all year long but fresh figs are a seasonal treat, peaking in late summer/early fall. They provide fiber and calcium and potassium and sweetly satisfying energy...I like them best as a power snack with a handful of cashews but brilliant Adair dresses them up in a quick dip of chocolate. Her vegfriendly Lentil Breakdown simmers with sly and clever wit, a touch of food politics and plenty of healthy seasonal fare. We're nearing the end of the luscious Calimyrna fig season so scoop some up and plunge them into a daring dip...yumza!  ;)

Do you eat fresh figs? Which variety is your favorite? What other seasonal fruits do you look for in fall? What's your favorite power snack?  :)

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