Saturday, September 14, 2013

Have Your Fill :)

Happy National Cream Filled Doughnut Day!
Filled doughnuts by the zillions are craved around the world...Bavarian Creams, Berliners, Bismarks, Bomboloni, Boston Creams, Éclairs, Koblihy, Long Johns, Pączki, Pampushky, Ponchiki, Profiteroles, Quesitos, Spurgos, Sufganiyot...stuffed with everything from jam to sesame paste to cream cheese...yes, even cookies!
Cream-filled doughnuts aren't really hard to make. Just make your favorite doughnuts and poke some holes. Use a pastry bag or snipped-tip ziploc bag to squirt in some pastry cream or frosting or whipped cream. Cover the hole with frosting or glaze...or just let the filling drip out and eat it like a messy little kid.  ;)
If you don't like cream-filled doughnuts, go crazy and fill them with whatever you like...

from PETA

from Spice Island Vegan

from Kaitys Cooking

from Debbie at Maple♥Spice

from Dayna at Vegan Visitor

from Earth Mother at In The Raw 

from Fine Dining Lovers

I'd love to try blueberry doughnuts with lemon filling. Maybe red velvet with cinnamon filling? Chocolate with almond liqueur filling? Chocolate with rainbow sprinkled chocolate filling? Barbecued Doughnuts with Melty Chocolate Filling? Yumza!
What would you fill in your doughnuts?  :)