Friday, September 20, 2013

Magnificent Mystery Balls

Happy National Rice Month!
I was an incredibly lucky kid. Growing up in an Italian American family with wicked good genes for cuisine, we enjoyed crazyamazing pizza and stuffed shells, lasagna and manicotti, tiramisu and cannoli on a regular basis. Nana Gnocchi* specialized in those deliciously puffy little potato pillows and Nana Cuccidati* was known for her sweetly rainbow-sprinkled fig-filled cookies. And her arancini. Golden-crispy balls of buttery rice with a secret stuffing of savory goodness. On a holiday table crammed full of spedini and scaloppini, braciola and broccoli, those magnificent arancini took center stage.
Try as we might, Nana Cuccidati never gave up her recipe for her rice balls. They aren't hard to figure out for the most part, except that my Mom always insisted that Nana never breaded them, so I can't for the life of me think of how she got that crispy, almost crunchy beautifully deep yellow crust with such richly melty soft insides. If you have advice on non-breadcrumby crisping techniques, let me know! Until then, I'll just keep on experimenting.  :)

from Kathy at Healthy. Happy. Life.

from Stacy at Vegan Fatty Boombalatty

from Chelsey at Like A Vegan

from Kim Cooks Veg 4U

from Hannah at BitterSweet

from Isha USA

from Lisa at The Vegan Pact

from Greg at One and a Half Dogs Long

from Jo at VeganEasy

from Lee at The Vegan Version

from Jessy at happyveganface

*names have been changed to protect the innocent victims of my blog  ;)

Have you made rice balls, Sicilian or otherwise? Leave a link if you like!  :)

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