Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy National Cherry Pie Day!

Bloggers of the Day: Lucas and Deb at Mister Nice Guy Cupcakes

Once upon a time there was a slightly mischievous dessert-obsessed kid from Oklahoma named Lucas. Lucas often plunged into trouble by devouring whole cakes by himself and sneaking sweets and berries into bed at night. He learned to bake as he got older, but he just couldn't sit still so he rambled around the country in an old ice cream truck selling coconuts and stirring up merrily crazy adventures!

Around the same time (but in a different time zone) there was a cartoon-obsessed Aussie kid named Deb who drew her talented heart out until she found herself managing an animation studio in Sydney. She opted to globehop to liven up her life, and traveled the world stirring up merrily crazy adventures too!

Fastforward to Portland...L & D met and got all twinklyeyed over each other.  ;)

Lucas won Deb over by whipping up wildly yumful treats and teaching her to bake. Now they're married in Melbourne and running two supersuccessful vegan bakeries with everything from simple cupcakes and pies to dreamy cinnabuns and babkas. They're living happily ever veganafter and sharing their talents and treats with you!  :)

*You can use a different flavor extract and crushed vegan candy for a non-holiday cake, or just leave them out for a classic double layer chocolate cake with fluffy cream cheese frosting...soooo good!

Be sure to check out the video versions of their recipes too...lots to learn and loads of eyecandy! And read more about Lucas and Deb and their compassionate lifestyle, and see photos of their baking empire!  ;)

Do you cherish little cherry pies? What other shapes might you make? Do you know any vegan fairy tales? Share please!  :)

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  1. I love that story on these kids - awwwwww! All of the desserts look enticing… yummmm!