Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Vegan Sliders Day!

Bloggers of the Day: Michelle and Matt at Thug Kitchen
Pubs: Tentatively titled The Official Thug Kitchen Cookbook, to be released in Fall 2014

Smart, spicy and searingly sarcastic, TK is a rated-R riot of plant-based rebelliousness. These mystery vegans liberally pepper their posts with plenty of F-words, S-words and a whole lotta MFs and SOBs thrown in for good measure...if you LYAO at "The Big Lebowski" or "Wolf of Wall Street" then this blog's for you. If you shy away from swearing, just hide your eyes from the profanity and focus instead on the photos and recipes. This stuff is licktheplate delicious. No-fuss cuisine that is nevertheless creative and colorful and full of appetite-zapping flavor. Saveur bestowed the 2013 Best New Blog Award upon Thug Kitchen and Gwyneth Paltrow grooves on it too so go take a peek. Put a penny in the swear jar if it makes you feel better.  ;)

Wikipedia credits the name "sliders" to the US Navy as an old nickname for the way burgers would slide back and forth over the greasy griddle when the ships would seesaw on the open sea. Ewww. It now refers to a miniburger, a munchable handful of yum perfect for game days or quicksnacks or packed up for roadtrips. If you're feeling adventurous add a superstack of veggies, pestos and spreads for a giant slider skyscraper. Have a contest to see who can build the tallest without tipping over and award the winner an official Burger Buckle!  ;)

What kind of burger would you shrink to a slider? Favorite toppings? Did you ever have a swear jar? Who filled it up the fastest?  ;)

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