Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Pizza Pie Day and National Bagel Day!

Blogger of the Day: Seth at Ten-Minute Vegan

So you mention you're a vegan to your not-yet-vegan friends and they complain "that's too complicated!" or "that's too much work!"...send them to Seth's site where he insists "ohheckno it's not! In fact it's damnfinedelicious and superfast!"

You want delish & simple gourmet-style pizza? You got it!  :)

Wanna celebrate National Bagel Day instead?

Bagels in a Flash
(okay, not really a flash but worth it if you've got time)

Gotta have both?  ;)

Have a look at last year's pizza party!

Besides being a speedster in the kitchen, Seth is also an compassionate filmmaker and animal defender...see and share his searingly heartfelt projects in the works and explore more from his blog or his youtube channel.

Are you making pizza today? Who makes your favorite bagels? Do you prefer New York Bagels (boiled and baked), San Francisco Style Bagels (boiled and baked but flatter and crispier) or Montreal Style Bagels (boiled in sweetened water and baked)?
Note...these videos aren't vegan but they're good guides for forming bagels if you're DIY'ing.

Celebrate some more with our 2014 Daily Food Holiday and Featured Blogger Series!


  1. I really wanted to make pizza tonight but my husband insisted on making Indian food. Pizza tomorrow!

  2. I love pizzas and bagels! I haven’t made pizza for a long time, but I love all sorts of bagels that aren’t dense. I like the ones in Brookline - I forgot the name!