Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy National Margarita Day and National Hot Breakfast Month and...

Blogger of the Day: Candice at The Edgy Veg

If I had to make up rules for my kitchen they'd go something like this:
• Be cruelty-free...go vegan or go hungry!
• Be creative...think outside the BettyCrocker box!
• Be courageous...try a new ingredient or skill every month!
• Be a kid...mess up, be silly, share and bellylaugh your bloomers off!

Candice rocks every single one of them! She's like Tigger and Julia Child rolled into never know what's coming next but it's always crazyfun! She's the perfect person for today's foodholidaypalooza...February is jampacked with edible celebrations and today is a nexus of the best...

National Hot Breakfast Month

National Heart Healthy Month

National Snack Food Month

Potato Lover’s Month

National Fiber Focus Month

Sweet Potato Month

National Grapefruit Month

Great American Pies Month

Celebration of Chocolate Month

National Pancake Week

...and National Margarita Day!

Roll the rest of Edgy's recipes!

Have you ever made a recipe video? Give it a try, then share your link to it!   :)

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