Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Vegan Pudding Day!

Blogger of the Day: Sarah at The Smart Kitchen

According to the Official Food Calendar, today is Indian Pudding Day which doesn't make a speck of sense because Indian Pudding is usually eaten around Thanksgiving with similarly spiced sweet potatoes and squash. How IPD ended up in February is a mystery to me...silly calendar makers! I say celebrate Indian Pudding in November and today let's embrace all vegan puddings!  :)

I could eat Sarah's Blueberry Pudding by the's rich and smooth and superhealthy, and full of blueberries which I've been craving like mad! Oh, and it's so screamineasy you can make it with your eyes closed, but don''ll miss its brilliantcool blueness! Sarah creates all sorts of vivid deliciousness and shares volumes of helpful info too, a reflection of her natural talent for teaching. Lots to learn and loads of vegan recipes to love!  ;)

If you just gotta have Indian ya go!

From The Peace Patch Past...Indian Puddingpalooza!

How often do you eat vegan pudding? What's your favorite flavor? With whippy topping or without?

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  1. What a great collection- I especially like the blueberry tofu one. I have just made cacao vanilla chia pudding, so that is my current favourite.