Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy Molasses Bar Day!

Blogger of the Day: Corinne at Be The Change Nutrition

Corinne has a boatload of credentials...back up people, here's just a few: RD (Registered Dietician), LDN (Licensed Dietician/Nutritionist), Psych BA, accomplished author and consultant, and Certified Trainer via Fuhrman’s Nutritional Education Institute with a specialty in vegetarian and vegan health. The short version is this girl knows nutrition inside and out and applies all that wholesome wisdom when she whips up her simple deliciousness. Easygoing entrees, desserts and snackable foods especially fitting if you're on a budget...all perfect if you're trying to live a healthy, practical and thriving vegan life!

Molasses is especially popular among vegans because it's a convenient source of calcium and iron, plus it's easy to swap it in as an earthy sweetener in any hearty recipe. It's pure heaven baked up in cookies, breads and bars, like Corinne's yumfully chunky Molasses Bars!  :)

Do you use molasses in your cooking? Oatmeal...chili...vegan sloppy joes? Or do you save it for your snacks? It's National Snack Food Month so dig out your favorite snacky molasses recipes!  :)

Déjà vu! Molasses Bar Day 2013

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  1. I love molasses and those bars sound so good. I try to make bars like that to grab and go for my work day instead of just smoothie smoothie smoothie. Thanks for your reminder about the iron too! Take care ♡

    1. Molasses really is fun to play with! Your Molasses Buckwheat Breakfast Bread is just a slice of heaven! I'm happy it's gluten-free too because so many family and friends prefer GF options. Cheers! :)

  2. Molasses is my baby! I love it in sweet & savory dishes! It is also one of the most common Asian ingredients in packaged sweets which I don’t like…because they get stuck to my teeth all the time. Besides I love it in other things, too!