Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy Cherry Turnover Day!

Blogger of the Day: Mickey at Flourish

Pie has morphed into all sorts of forms...tarts, turnovers, patties, puffs, pastillas and pasties. All good stuff (in vegan versions)! Turnovers are triangular-shaped hand pies that are usually filled with fruit...cherries are a top choice because both tart cherries and sweet cherries are superhealthy and juicily delicious. If you can't find them fresh, go for frozen or canned pie filling for a quick cherry turnover fix.  ;)

Michelle (known mostly by her nickname Mickey) is an awardwinning recipe developer , personal chef and pop-up dinner genius, trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute and focused on creating extraordinary organic vegan feasts that will win over everyone! She's been featured by VegNews, WholeSoy and Earth Balance and it's easy to see why...her recipes are tastefully earthy and elegant and inspiring. These turnovers are truly irresistible...the smell of them baking will send you running to the oven but please let these pastrypockets cool a bit before biting into their steamysyrupy fruitchunk filling. Nobody likes hot turnover burn!  :)

 Local note...Mickey has moved to Madison...yippee!

What's your favorite form of pie? What fruits would you choose for your turnovers? If you had a personal chef for a day, what would you order for your meals?  ;)

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