Saturday, August 9, 2014

Happy National Rice Pudding Day!

Blogger of the Day: Pearl at Crunch and Chew

Pearl's recipe menu includes yumful things like Creamy Avocado ‘Carbonara’ and Saucy Sweet Chilli and Soy Sauce Tofu but mostly it's full of sweet easy treats. Go sophisticated with Earl Grey, Orange and Currant Scone for One or go technicolorcrazy with Rainbow Magic Cupcakes. Today I'm feeling extralazy so I'm all for feasting on breakfast foods all day like Pearl's rice pudding. It's superdelish and filling, and you can flavor it up any way you want....spicy or sugary or savory, with fruit or chocolate chips or whatever spins your spurs!  ;)

How do you eat rice pudding? What other lazyday treats do you like to eat? What are your favorite breakfast-anytime foods?  :)

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FYI...Tuesday Aug.12 is World Elephant Day...participate in worldwide events, help elephants any way you can and Go Grey for the Day!  :)

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