Thursday, August 21, 2014

Happy National Spumoni Day and National Pecan Torte Day!

Blogger of the Day: Penni at Raw Food Rehab
Pubs: Penni's books include Raw Food Cleanse, Real Juice Daily, Revealing Your Inner Rawk Star, Falling Into Raw, Resolve to Evolve, Go FRESH and Raw For The Holidays

NPR had a great story on the other day about culinary incubators...basically kitchens you can rent to test out your fledgling food business. The advantages are that you get access to a commercially licensed kitchen and to equipment that you might not yet be able to afford...40 gallon tilting skillets, 60 quart mixers, double deck convection ovens, doughnut fryers, bread slicers, walk in fridges and freezers. A budding chef's heaven. Perhaps the most valuable asset is collaboration. It's easy to pick up tips and advice from fellow entrepreneurs about licenses, insurance, bookkeeping and boosting your business. Bounce your ideas off of other creative minds, win, lose, laugh and learn together...this may be the magic you need to grow your business and your confidence. Sometimes it takes a community to kick off a kitchen.  :)

Collaboration is key for Penni, today's Blogger of the Day. She hosts Raw Food Rehab, where members can share blogposts, photos, news, Q&A and of course recipes! Penni also publishes guidebooks and cookbooks on healthy nutritious living, runs the website Upgrade Your Plate and is the Market Administrator at Cherry Street Farmers Market in Tulsa, not to mention she's a talented recipe developer too! She rises to the challenge every time...she doesn't just invent a new ice cream...she goes for the whole spumoni! Spumoni is a striped Italian ice cream treat layering rich frozen flavors mixed with chunks of fruits and nuts. Penni's raw vegan version uses Pistachio Ice Cream, Cherry Vanilla Ice Milk and Chocolate Cacao Crunch...each soooo good on it's own but smashingly fabulous mashed together in a glass! Here's a glimpse of this triple deliciousness...

and a peaceful treat for National Pecan Torte Day!

Feeling lazy? Enjoy a triple scoop Spumoni with your favorite cherry, chocolate and nutty ice creams. Spinningly yumful!  :)

Have you ever used a culinary incubator? Do you enjoy cooking with others or do you love flying solo? What food business ideas are swirling in your creative brain? What 3 flavors would you stripe in your Spumoni?  :)

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