Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy National Banana Split Day!

Blogger of the Day: Audrey at The Artsy Vegan

Some people get lost for hours on Pinterest, some on Facebook...for me, it's etsy...just type in a word, any word, and you get dozens to hundreds of crazyinteresting creative interpretations. Try "banana split" and you get lip whips and luggage tags...posters and pendants...candy, candles and crocheted baby wraps. Celebrate Split Day any artsy way you like!  :)

Painter and Chalkfester Audrey is creative in many ways, presenting easy yumful vegan meals, often on her own handpainted plates. She features a palette from TexMex to sushi, but she's a Southern girl at heart so expect plenty of Georgia country cooking. Her Banana Split Pops can be served without ice cream but today's a flaming scorcher around here so my Splits will be sinking in a colorful bowl of frostycool scoops!  ;)

Which split sticks would you opt for your pops? What are your pop toppings of choice? Favorite scoop flavors for your banana split bowl? Which would you choose...Banana Split Pop or Chocolate Mud Pie?  :)

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