Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy National Mushroom Month!

Bloggers of the Day: Erin & Jeff at Olives for Dinner

My uncle is the grooviest guy on the planet...he's an accomplished musician, a dedicated teacher, a JamesBeardworthy vegan chef and little did I know...a mushroom hunter! Last fall he went foraging with a roving band of local mycologists and gathered a bounty of beautiful shrooms. He treated us to a multitude of mushroom feasts including several elegant pizzas, delicate stir fries and marinated grilled TowerOfVeggiePower megamushroom burgers...it was zoommoverthemoon shroom heaven!  :)

Someday I'd love to learn more about mushrooms and go mushroom hunting with an expert...until then I rely upon the local farmers' markets and specialty stores for an excellent selection of traditional and exotic varieties. Their surreal shapes and sublime flavors are a call to be creative and no one is moreso than Erin and Jeff at Olives for Dinner! Their posts are pure pleasure to read, every recipe delivering exuberant flavors, photographed in magnificent detail. They are a dynamic culinary duo, up to the challenge of any ingredient, including what to do with shrooms! Here are a few of their solutions...  ;)

Save room for dessert...  ;)

Fungi facts from the mighty Mushroom Council...
• Mushrooms are filling but happily low in calorie.
• They can contribute a savory taste, known as umami, to a dish so you'll never miss the meat.
• They provide immunityboosting antioxidants as well as potassium, phosphorus, copper, vitamin D and B vitamins.
• You can sauté or grill a mountain of mushrooms and add them throughout the week to soups, scrambles, stews and sandwiches, or freeze them for up to a month.
• You can choose from a worldful of unusual mushroom varieties!

Have you ever gone mushroom hunting? Where do you find unusual shrooms? Do you prefer classic criminis or exotic enokis? What's the most delicious mushroom dish you've ever tasted?  :)

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  1. those mushroom dishes look amazing - and how lucky are you to have an uncle who is a mushroom hunter - hope you get the chance to learn some mushroom wisdom from him

  2. I love mushrooms soo much! I am absolutely drooling over all of these dishes! I really want to to foraging for red reishi or chaga mushrooms! The benefits are astounding....