Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rebel Yellow

Happy National Indian Pudding Day!
Indian Pudding was the yumful result when British hasty pudding hit the shores of the New World. Apparently 17th century New England didn't have much wheat so those hip colonial chicks used cornmeal instead and baked it up with cinnamon and syrup. The best rebellions begin in the kitchen!  ;)

The recipe is simple and easily veganized but surprisingly there aren't many vegan bloggers out there who have posted their pudding perfection. These are the recipes I've discovered so far...

Vegan Indian Pudding from Aubin at Saturday's Child
Vegan Indian Pudding from Deborah at Seasoned Fork
New England Indian Pudding made with tofu from Marie Oser via Vegan Peace
Butternut Squash Indian Pudding from Tender at Write.Click.Cook.Listen

If you're looking for a Thanksgiving-friendly blog topic, give it a go...veganize it with your own twist or host a Vegan Indian Pudding Challenge to see who creates the most adventuresome version!

Speaking of corny favorite Thanksgiving food is vegan cornbread. Any kind, but especially with blueberries. Give me a couple of hunks of that with a big tub of vegan butter and I'll shut up and love ya for life.  ;)

from Annie at An Unrefined Vegan

from Amanda at The Southern Vegan

from Laura at VegWeb, photo by Heliamphora

from Keri at I Eat Trees

from Chocolate Covered Katie

from Nikki at The Tolerant Vegan

from Jes at Eating Appalachia

from Carolyn at The Healthy Voyager

Have you tried Indian Pudding? Do you like cornbread? Pan or skillet, sweet or savory? What food do you most crave at Thanksgiving?


  1. Wow, I really don't know too much about Indian pudding! I will have to check these recipes out.

    1. I didn't either until I researched the holiday but it's got "yumful comfort food" written all over it! :)