Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day and National Grilled Cheese Month!

Blogger of the Day: Jackie at Vegan Yack Attack
Pubs: The Great Vegan Pumpkin eBook, Vegan Cuts Summer Bash eBook, Happy Herbivore Light & Lean (photographer)

Jackie's a nonstop biker, hiker, designer and photographer with a milehigh talent for zapping out and snapping fabulous vegan feasts! Just look at how she spins a simple griller for the cheeziest day of the year!  :)

You can find Sourdough Bowls at your grocer's bakery dept or bread bakery...try Breadsmith, Panera or Great Harvest Bread Co or your local independent bakery.

What's your fave way to make grilled cheese? Have you ever eaten a bread bowl meal? How are you celebrating National Grilled Cheese Month? Do you grill in or grill out?  :)

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  1. That bread bowl looks craaaazy good!! I like a grilled cheese with avocado and tomato or homemade tomato jam. I think I will definitely be celebrating grilled cheese month ;-)

    1. I've never had tomato jam! It sounds superyumful for grilled cheese and also homemade olive bread. Must find a recipe! :)