Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy National Pretzel Day and National Soft Pretzel Month!

Blogger of the Day: Mathew at Veg with an Edge

Soft pretzel recipes are a dime a dozen and most are vegan or supersimple to veganize, but it takes a creative brain like Mathew to bring us this twisty tasty pretzly treat! Mathew is a wiz of a baker...he does everything from French Baguettes to Baked BBQ Seitan Chicken Wings! I'm smitten with his Soft Pretzel Challah, recipe which you can adapt to make baked pretzels, pretzly bites, rods, buns, whatever you wish...but the loaf, oh the loaf. A soft pretzel challah bread is a sandwich builder's dream!  :)

Do you make your own pretzels or buy them? Do you eat them straight or dip them up? Have you tried Pretzillas? What would you put in a giant pretzel bread sandwich...vegan hot dogs?...vegan cheese?...a big fat vegan burger?   ;)

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