Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Plantain Day!

Bloggers of the Day: Justin and Amy at The Chubby Vegetarian
Pubs: The Southern Vegetarian

Many Latin American and Indian dishes feature plantains, a close cousin of bananas. Plantains are starchier, a bit tougher to peel and almost always eaten cooked...often simply fried with a bit of spice and sugar. That's how I first tasted them, when I was a kid. My parents had just come home from a vacation in Curaçao, brimming with inspiration from the Caribbean cuisine...suddenly all sorts of tropical treats starting showing up on the table! Most were mysteries to me (and superspicy!) but I'll never forget those sugary slices of fried plantain...yumza!

Plantains are perfectly at home in the Memphis kitchen of The Chubby Vegetarian. Professional photographer (and marathoner!) Justin and Amy, an award-winning writer and teacher, are veg cuisine connoisseurs doing a modern spin on Old Southern Favorites and international classics too. They turn average ingredients upsidedown and insideout to create sensory stunners...deeply rich tastes that Justin deftly captures in enticingly staged scenes. Even the plain plantain becomes of work of art in their talented hands!  :)

A few helpful links to learn more about plantains...
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Have you tried plantains? In a restaurant or at home? What's your favorite tropical fruit? Is there a mystery fruit you'd like to try?  :)

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  1. I love plantains, and also The Chubby Veg blog (first blog I followed, back in 2010.) We get ours from the Caribbean stall at our local produce market, where we stock up every 10-14 days. We usually have ours thinly sliced and pan fried or roasted for brunch with tofu scramble, grilled tomatoes and guacamole. Yum :) I guess my favourite tropical fruit has to be the mango- a ripe mango can't be beaten for flavour and sweetness. I'd like to try jackfruit- maybe next time I visit the market?

    1. I'd really like to play with plantains more...your suggestion for plaintains in your "Creamy" Vegetable Curry looks especially delicious! And your Mango Cashew Kulfi is one of my favorite ways to eat mango...I'd love to see what you dream up for jackfruit! :)