Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Corn Chowder Day and World Food Day!

Blogger of the Day: Ellen at La Pure Mama

On today's calendar...
World Food Day, established by the UN to highlight the issues behind global poverty and hunger...the theme for 2014 is "Family Farming: Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth”. Support the small healthy family local and organic!
Whole Grains Council's Corn Month...did you know that corn is the most-produced grain worldwide?
Boss's Day! Give your boss a corny gift.  ;)
• Corn Chowder Day...stir up some sunshiney yum!  :)

Ellen is a Bellingham-based mom concerned with feeding her family healthy wholesome nonGMO meals that are crueltyfree and downright delicious! She writes articles such as BBQ THROWDOWN: Vegan vs. carnivore, husband vs. wife and Fall to winter: Changes in the kitchen for the local press that include plenty of her hungerstomping recipes too. Her Corn Chowder is exactly what chowder should be...warm, comfy and soulfully yumful. Catch more of her cornbased dishes and explore the rest of this mama's menu!  :)

Corn starch counts too...  :)

• 1 ear of corn = about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of corn kernels
• Ellen recommends Trader Joe's Roasted Corn if you can't get fresh corn

Which world food issue concerns you the most? Do films like King Corn inspire you to act? What traditional corn dish is your favorite? Are you being nice to your boss today?  ;)

Celebrate some more with our 2014 Daily Food Holiday and Featured Blogger Series!

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