Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy National Gumbo Day!

Blogger of the Day: Susan at FITskitz

Susan sizzles with energy...she's a supercut runner who deals in sharing her positive energy, inspiration and hungerzapping recipes too, including chunky gumbo!

Gumbo is a hot bowlful of yum that got its start in the heart of southern Louisiana. Making it is considered an art, families guard their gumbo recipes like buried treasure, and feuds have been fought over which tradition is better. Devoted gumbo nuts will spend the whole day simmering it up but Susan works around that...her version is simple and loose. Add whatever veggies you like, try different vegan sausage flavors, serve it with white rice or brown rice or go rogue and go red!  :)

Crueltyfree gumbos featured by PETA Recipes!  :)
Carol’s Louisiana Gumbo
Cajun Vegetable Gumbo
Louisiana Vegetable Gumbo
Sassy Vegetable Gumbo
Simple Vegan Gumbo
Gumbo Relish
Mock-Duck Gumbo
Smoked Portobello and Tofu Gumbo With Okra

What goes into your gumbo cauldron?  ;)

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