Monday, October 6, 2014

Happy National Noodle Day!

Blogger of the Day: Robin at Robin Robertson's Global Vegan Kitchen
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A reigning queen of international cuisine, Robin's cooking knows no borders and neither do noodles! Her latest cookbook Vegan Without Borders includes yummalicious noodle dishes like Bangkok Street Cart Noodles and Hakka bowls of slurpy noodle happiness! Until you get your hands on a copy, take a global ride through Robin's noodlerama...  :)

(photo by Zsu Dever)

(photo by Andrea Weaver)

Yes, Robin does desserts too...

When you hear the word noodles, what's the first delicious dish you think of?  :)

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  1. Omg she really is the noodle queen! My first thought would be Hakka noodles, which I recently tried for the first time and loved.

    1. The world needs more street noodle fun to walk out your door and grab a bowl of hot fried noodles! Or your delicious soba bowl...such a yumful combination! :)