Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy Kidney Bean Day and National Chili Month!

Blogger of the Day: Mandi at Lux Hippie

If you dig delish vegan eats and spikyhigh heels, then Lux Hippie is a crazycool hangout! Mandi rambles the world, models, tends to teeth and stirs up yumful stuff like this chunky bean chili. Chipotles, cocoa, cinnamon and spice kick up this tomatoey treat...add in what you like, ditch what you don't, make it your way then hitch on for the rest of Mandi's vegan wildride!  :)

How do you kick up your kidney beans? Do you like your chili meek and mild or sizzling with spice? Choose one...lazy loafers, spiky heels, badass boots or rad running shoes?  ;)

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