Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy National Oatmeal Day and National Cat Day!

Blogger of the Day: Jessica at Clean Green Simple

Jessica keeps it clean, green and simple by ditching meat, eggs and dairy, dumping sugar and white flour, and avoiding gluten and processed spin it quick, CGS is all about life stripped down to its natural wholesome plantbased goodness! Yumfully healthy recipes, plus helpful book suggestions, kitchen tips and tricks to green up your world on the cheap. Essential info like what knives to buy, making vegan mayo, and how to mince, chop and spiralize your brains out!  ;)

Jessica's recipes rock...vibrant, rich, colorful and plunged in flavor. These stunningly luscious oatmeal pumpkin bars will bring out the greedy beast in you...I actually growled when my housemate tried to sneak some from my stash. Grrrr!  ;)

In addition to Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, today is National Cat Day!
Celebrate with a special treat for your favorite animal companions!  :)
Oatmeal Pumpkin Pie Cookies (for Cats and Dogs!)
Carrot, Date, and Oatmeal Dog Treats
5 Easy DIY Cat Treats

Have you adopted a shelter dog? Who are your companion cats? Choose your favorite...oatmeal cookies, overnight oatmeal or oaty granola to go?  :)

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