Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Casserole Day!

Bloggers of the Day: Annie & Dan at Meet The Shannons
Pubs: Betty Goes Vegan

Annie and Dan Shannon are the retrocool couple behind the Betty Crocker Project, vegifying Betty Crocker's oldfashioned favorites into crueltyfree comfort food classics. While they do create their own original dishes, their BCP recipes satisfy your hunger in the way that only simmering stews and sizzling skilletfries from back in The Apron Era can. This is flavorful and filling potluck and Sunday dinner kind of stuff. Casseroles are king in this cuisine, but they're not worth their weight in noodles unless they're covered in golden crunch...crushed chips, fried onions and crispy tater tots crown these marvelous meals. Scoop up a plateful, come back for seconds, then sink into your happy casserole place.  :)

Occasionally they veganize other cookbooks too...  ;)

The Shannons also feature vegan city and restaurant guides, pantry guides and fashion guides, as well as an Action Center providing links to animalfriendly and compassionate causes. Currently they are raising funds through Farm Sanctuary's Walk For can too!  :)

How does your favorite casserole roll? Do you top it with crunchies and crispies? Do you wear an apron when you cook?  :)

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  1. Oh boy, these casseroles are pretty mouthwatering! I like topping casseroles with crunchies! I think I need an apron soon!