Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Cookie Cutter Week!

Bloggers of the Day: Jeanine and Jack at Love and Lemons

Bust out your baking pans cuz it's Cookie Cutter Week! Baking is an amazingly effective way to de-stress and power down...
Don't feel like sleeping at 2am? Make some sweet muffins!
Nervous the night before an event? Bake a pan of banana bread!
Too lazy to tackle your To Do list? Whip up a fruit crisp!

Or roll out some cookie dough! Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe or try Love and Lemons' easy shortbread. LaL's vegfriendly recipes are colorful and yumful and fun to play with. These cutout cookies are delish with nuts, frosting, sprinkles...whatever spins your spurs!  :)

Supercool cookie cutters...
Cakes Cookies & Crafts Shop (custom design your own!) (copper, stainless and custom cutters)
Country Kitchen
Downtown Dough
Fante's Kitchen Shop
Fancy Flours
House on the Hill
King Arthur Flour Company
Kitchen Kapers (custom design your own!)
Perpetual Kid!
Sugarcraft (plus 3D cookie cutter sets!)
Sur La Table
The Cookie Cutter Shop (plus DIY cutter kits!)
The Cooks Kitchen

What are your favorite cookie cutter shapes and designs? How would you design your own custom cookie cutters?  ;)

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