Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy National Candy Cane Day!

Blogger of the Day: Celeste at Growing Up Veg

Celeste is the ideal vegan mom...besides baking up loads of donuts, Star Wars cupcakes and Strawberry Shortcake cakes, she volunteers at the local nature center, helps out with the annual Twin Cities Veg Fest and runs VegKins, a Twin Cities based group providing fun creative activities and support for plantloving families. Her lucky kids get to taste test everything from spaghettios to Southern-style pecan pie and her crunchychewy chocolateminty awardwinning candy cane cookies! And right around the corner is Celeste's specialty...sugarsmacked Valentine madness!  :)

Crushed candy canes make the perfect cookie topper because what else can you do with all those spiralstripey sweets?  ;)

Is your family all vegan? Do you get to taste test vegan recipes? What's your favorite use for leftover candy canes?  ;)

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