Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy National Fruit Cake Day!

Blogger of the Day: Rianne at Art of Dessert

Holiday fruitcakes are munchable fun because you can switch in whatever fruits and nuts you like, but even better are fruitcake cookies! If they come out too hard you can dunk them in milk or crumble them in ice cream and they're still superyumful! Petrified fruitcakes on the other hand just gotta get tossed.  ;)

Rianne is a trained chef specializing in superbeautiful allergenfree desserts and delicious vegan treats! She features favorites from her Philippine childhood like sugarglazed Karioka and oh-so-comforting Ginataang Bilo-Bilo, as well as American classics like chocolate chip cookies and vanilla cupcakes. Her fruitcake cookies are perfect...just enough chew and crunch in those fruits and spices. Check out her flickr page too for more sweet stuff!  :)

Do you have any food allergies? What's your favorite dessert? What do you do with holiday fruitcakes?  ;)

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